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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
11:59 am - Bloody Mary Time
I have officially missed the train to Ventura. I was supposed to go out there with Jake and John, but I slept in and don't care anyways because it is not so very hot today that the beach would be doable except in a sweater and who cares about beaches in sweaters? I am instead going to take my goddamned Hemingway or whatever the fuck it is to the Egg Plantation and get loaded on Bloody maries and pick at the eggs and broodily waste time eyeing the waiters.
I need a new tire for my bike and I need to fucking clean up my goddmaned studio. Its like my life. In a pile.

Living in one room again feels great though. Its actually not so much great as lonely as hell. Maybe once I organize the large heaps of crap, I will find a nice sort of zen balance and I can hire a little butler to roll fancy cigarettes for me and place then in the corner fumidor every night when I'm not looking. Wait. Where's my fumidor? It was supposed to be here last week!

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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
12:08 pm
Another take on Emily's survey: Ha ha, I am so sick of being sick and bored:

1. Florist
2. Horticulturalist
3. Wedding Planner
4. Board Member

2. Cry Baby
3. Brotherhood of the Wolf
4. Any Disney Animated Feature (hey, man, ITS INGRAINED!)

3. BX, NY
4. LA, CA

1. Punky Brewster
2. Saved By the Bell
3. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
4. Sex & The City

1. Cape Cod!
3. Croatia (swoon)
4. Hawaii (double-swoon)

1. The thehungersite.com and its affiliate pages (CSWers: Remember this? ITS STILL THERE!)
2. en.wikipedia.org
3. boingboing.net
4. huffingtonpost.com

1. New Mother India (Waltham, MA) (Can I get A WITNESS?!?!)
2. Meltz (Oxford, England) (BEST EGGS IN THE WORLD!)
3. The DownBeat Cafe (Echo Park, LA, CA)
4. Madame Matisse (ALSO Echo Park)

1. CHEESE of ANY KIND (although I have a current weakness for PepperJack)
2. Artichoke
3. Faux Meat Products
4. Coconut Milk Curry

1. New York Botanical Garden School of Professional Horticulture
2. Hampshire College
3. Los Angeles Community College
4. California Institute of the Arts

1. At Madame Matisse (see above)
3. Somalia
4. In an incredibly mature and centered personally productive space in my life. HA!

current mood: sick

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006
2:37 am - When will I be...famous???
I am here in Hawaii where the weather is even better than in L.A. (sorry, my dear New-Englanders) and being thoroughly pathetic. I have managed to get myself a bit drunk off of cheap Hawaiin wine and am watching "101 most sexy celebrity bodies" with the sound off as try in vain to make progress on my overdue-for-a-year Postcolonial Theory thesis paper. It kills me, man. I am almost 23. I was taught from a very young age that 23 would inevitably and unequivocably be the best year of my life. I would finally be financially independent (not quite there-HA), finished with my education (at LEAST 3-4 years til my MFA takes effect), and in top physical condition (I just keep forgetting to do my damn crunches). I find myself wishing that I had more ambition to pursue the various avenues of success I have (possibly) available to me. As far as contortionism goes, I think I am definitely more of a front bender, but I just keep telling all these movie producers and literary agents that I'm NOT READY for life in the spotlight (hello, you facetious drunk, you). Oh please, please, comment. And also, please edit wikipedia. Often.

current mood: drunk

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Sunday, December 25th, 2005
10:22 pm - Third Consecutive Xday
Today was the third year in a row that I have shunned the traditional holiday festivities usually accompanied by the date today, and I gotta say, its really great! My relatives are finally starting to get the message and most of them didn't send me any presents, which is nice because I don't feel guilty for not reciprocating the useless and wasteful economy stimulation. My mother did send me a sweater and a box of fruit and my dad sent me a "real" wallet made out of duct tape (I suppose the "reality" of it lies in the fact that it was purchased from a store instead being made out some duct tape he had lying around), but as far as I know, aside from the SW radio I got from the board of trustees a Calarts, that is the entirity of my Xday haul...this could be a record for my lowest holiday gift reception EVER, both in number of gifts and overall retail value, but I can't wait to try and break it again next year-HA! I gotta watch out or this could become a tradition...eeeee.

The best parts of my day today were watching the surfers on the beach in Santa Monica as I collected mussel shells, and finally getting to see my beautiful amaryllis plant that I have been carefully nurturing for weeks finally come into its full glorious red bloom. It's truly amazing looking, and it reminds me of the infinitely magical powers of life and nature.

Even though most of you wonderful people out there in LJ land probably celebrated today in the more traditional American "Karisumasu" vein, I want to tell you all that no matter what you guys want to do in terms of Holidays, I still miss and cherish you all. A lot. Cool. Have a good week!

current mood: rejuvenated

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Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
11:42 pm
So now, as I always have been on the winter solstice, I am once again "on break", which means that, for the first time since September my measley little shack is starting to emerge from the layers of fall semester crap that has accumulated since I stopped having time to clean. My sink and all the dishes in it are washed, as are my towels, sheets, blankets, and clothes. I swear I hadn't done laundry in MONTHS. It was crazy. Good thing I have this sort of ghetto-fabulous, extensively variable and decidely cheap wardrobe. I am a thrift store diva for sure these days.
As some of you out there in Lj-land may know, I am the elected student trustee at Calarts. Because of this, I went to the Calarts Board meeting last week and hung out with the "big dogs" of fine arts patronage for several hours in the penthouse (or, the pH, as I like to call it) of the Regency Club in the shmancy hotel district on the west side of Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. Gawrsh, it was too fancy for me, but I was pleased to impress Tim Disney and Michael Eisner with my well-spoken brainstorm about possible tuition reduction action that we, the board, could easily and readily take. Now I'm supposed to have coffee with them to discuss this further but I have to admit I am hesitant to call them out of nerves and drunkenness.
I am going to Hawaii on New Years Day, and I will hopefully still be drunk from the amazing party the night before that I am sure I will be invited to soon!

current mood: vacation

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
4:46 pm - Damnit
Xmas is off the list... officially fired from my life for the rest of it. Every year this time I have a sad recurring paper writing frustration that will even make me turn to livejournal. Will I ever do anything but school....EVER?! Gah!

current mood: cranky

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Sunday, December 4th, 2005
8:45 pm - Risotto!
So, I am being forced, against my will to learn to operate a rather unfortunate-looking, hand-me-down, cuisinart rice cooker. For some reason this doesn't really depress or infuriate me so much as it just makes me lose my appetite. Its sort of strange because, last night I actually dreamed that I was moving into an apartment with a oven, stove, and dishwasher in the kitchen and I was SO happy that I was once again going to be able to enjoy frozen pizza. To think, I, not culinarily inclined! HA!

current mood: okay

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Friday, June 10th, 2005
5:16 pm - Venezia ia coolio
Here I am in Venice, Italy, acting as a highly specialized art tourist. I even have a press pass and am writing from the exclusive press room where the internet and espresso are >FREE! very cool, man. OK gotta go before they catch on to me.

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
4:29 pm
So I spent the majority of last week sick in bed with the first cold I have had since winter 2003. Luckily my immune system didn't totally fuck me over, though, because I got better with just enough time to get the final stages of my projects for these two big group gallery shows together, and thankfully felt OK enough to spend Sunday installing them. They actually look really good, too. One is entitled "My first real painting : a placeholder" and it consists of a blank canvas with sticky letters stuck to it that spell out "DISGUSTING DISCUSSED THING". I think its fucking hot conceptual art. The other installation consists of a toilet installed in the middle of the gallery. It looks really clean and profesh and authentic, and I even figured out how to have water in it (thank you, plumbers wax). I am doing a performance with this piece at the art opening on Thursday. First, I will refrain from defecating for a total of 3 days (tomorrow is day one) Then, on Thursday evening, just as the free booze and lack of entertainment are starting to get to the frustrated art opening-goers, I will enter the scene announced in a carnivalesque way (think "and, now, the moment we've all been waiting for...") wearing a lab coat, safety goggles, a face mask, ear plugs, and knee & elbow pads. I will proceed to the toilet, sit down and take an enourmous shit, then get up and exit. I fully expect to drive some members of my audience into the depths of utter madness through this action. Even the ones who don't just totally lose it will be astounded and appalled. I also expect to be forced to remove it by the custodial crew. Again, fucking hot conceptual art. I am, at this point, practically a fucking hot conceptual art factory. I am also at this point (and have always been, apparently) a shit factory, although this just recently came to my attention. HAH!! Who wouldv'e thought?

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Monday, April 18th, 2005
7:01 pm - On Being On Student Council
I think I am running for re-election (along with my very favorite rock band, TOTALLY RADD!!) for next year. Which means I will be coming back to Calarts next year (if I win, that is). The big Spring fashion show party on Friday went really well and everybody got down and there was no damage or incidents or anything so we got a big leg up in the popularity amongst our constituents department from that. Also, I am totally into my new highly asymmetrical haircut and all I want to do is watch movies and smoke spliffs and not do my homework. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I am definitely Miss UN-Hollywood 2005, although the entire experience was very surreal and exciting and should make a great video project.

OK, the rest of this entry is dedicated to my very important and very old (get it) and dear friend, Emily Goo, who turned twenty two today.

A few days ago, I was going through my old video tapes trying to find something to tape over when I came across some footage of myself taken by a friend on April 18th, 2004. The entire time I am (drunkenly) addressing the camera and brandishing a cell phone that I wave about quite a bit, repeatedly saying how it is my best friends 21st birthday and even though it is three hours later on the east coast I am calling her right now even if I wake her up, etc. I realized upon watching this tape that is has been well over a year since I have actually SEEN Goo, but how mainly through livejournal, I have actually managed to keep up with her life rather well. I know what she is up to and how things are generally going for her, in addition to being amused daily by her articulate witticisms. I guess you would say Emily IS livejournal for me in many ways. She originally started my first livejournal account for me, which I eventually deleted at the end of high school only to create another one after going without for nearly a month and realizing how addicted I had become. She is also one of the most frequent and interesting updaters on my friends list, and I swear I occasionally pick up on long-dead inside jokes in her writing which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and full of interconnectedness (HA)! Most importantly, I guess I just think Emily is a really superb girl. I am so proud of her for all her impressive accomplishments and creative endeavors. I also feel a certain solidarity with her in regards to our contemporaneous growing up and getting older that I don't really feel with anyone else. This allows me to rest assured that even though she is trilingual and a college graduate and works in the state house and has travelled extensively overseas and is French and everything, everybody has a tinge of anxiety when it comes to birthdays, holidays, relationships, jobs, friends, and everything else in life that usually makes us all feel so lonely and scattered, and that can mean a whole lot on bad days, man.
Happy Birthday, Goo. May all your dreams come true in Guam and elsewhere (seriously!)
love and love!

current mood: nostalgic

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
5:39 pm - Avian Bird Flu and the National Art Community
This afternoon I had the experience of turning into the Calarts parking lot, like any other day, only to spot none other than the truly unmistakable ROBIN WOOD hiking up the slope towards the main building. I obviously felt the need to accentuate this oddity and promptly parked my hybrid in the middle of the road she was crossing and got out and said "Robin WOOD?" She didn't recognize me first, but then she managed to say "Wow, you look great" like three times in the thirty seconds we spent catching up. It turns out her daughter is Augusta Wood, an MFA I have had a ton of classes with. It was weird how she still had the exact same flaming red buzz cut and squinty scrunched up eyes. It was even weirder to realize that, in a way, seeing her there made me feel more at home, almost comforted at the realization that I have landed myself in yet another unexpectedly familiar arts-based environment. Like they say, it's a small world, and even smaller at the top! Yeah, sure.
Shortly thereafter I discovered, to my dismay, a tiny dead hummingbird that I now have on video taking its last ceremonial "flight" (which included being picked up by my somewhat-less-than-well-mannered fellow student council member William Burgess and flung off the balcony to the pavement below) although this treatment of something that looked so helpless and delicate shocked and appalled me at the time. Daily confrontation with death is definitely not something I am so used to.
In other news, although I am now a blonde, I think I have to go back to the place because my hair is actually very orange-looking and I really think platinum is the way to go for the upcoming pageant I am now officially a contestant in...

current mood: okay

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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
8:05 am - Collective Conciousness Manifesto
IN this time in which we find ourselves, an extraordinary evolution of information exchange is taking place all around us. As the thinking machines we construct become faster and our micro-super computer chips get smaller, we, the youth, who have for our entire lives been witness to this totally unprecedented progressive cultural change, must not be fooled into thinking that we shall be properly served by the mandates created for us by the already dangerously overgrown corporations that stand for nothing in this world except for greed, deceit, and the indefinite and exponential increase of profit. No, we, the youth, who are the first of our species to be born and raised against the backdrop of an era that is filled with the amazing technological advances we see today must not bow and be controlled by the advertising and media companies that make us their constant targets. We must not allow the policies of the internet, our new highly relevant information forum to be invented and regulated by an outdated and unsympathetic judiciary system that cares only for the corporate bank accounts and not, as they say, for the good of the people. We must allow the evolution of the Internet to continue unhindered and accept the inevitable changes this will bring to our way of life and our thought processes.
We must recognize that the ability to know everything that is known has come within our reach. The Internet is a sharp and shining molecule consisting of concepts, ideas, facts, and endless variations on human meaning and truth. It has penetrated each of our minds with the understanding that we need not go further than the internet in our search for nearly any type of information, relevant or otherwise, and will inevitably lead to the understanding that continuous and constant contribution by each one of us to this ultimate and inorganic collective consciousness is not only necessary, but inevitable and extraordinarily exciting. OKAY!

current mood: REVOLUTIONARY

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Monday, December 27th, 2004
6:53 pm - Update Journal, please!
So, here I am again. Winter break in Los Angeles, basically just sitting around the house trying not to get cannibinol fever by doing butt exercises and window shopping at all the trendy Sunset Boulevard boutiques. My approach to Xmas shopping this year consisted of swearing off retail purchases of any kind for the entire month of December with the exception of groceries and movie rentals. I guess I have just come to think of Christmas in America as an uber-commercialized version of Ramadan only without the self discipline of fasting all day ("the Season" actually lasts well over a month these days), and it just seriously grosses me out, so I have just chosen not to partcipate indefinitely, and man, is it a relief! You guys should all try it, we'll start an anti-X-mas revolution!!
This past semester was good for some reasons, and bad for others, but overall, I can definitely say that I am now one semester closer to graduating from college and we all know how valuable that truly is. I would say most of the major downs this term related directly to interpersonal problems (DRAMA) with my BF/roommate guy, but already most of these issues are behind us and we have actually been having a very nice break thus far with the exception of one unfortunate and ill-fated bowl of tomato soup. On the plus side: I finished all my classes with good grades and got transfer credit from my summer classes, I curated/featured in an art exhibition on campus in November that really helped my reputation among the faculty and student bodies of Calarts which is important in a school where they practically have classes named "schmoozing 101", and managed to get specially elected to replace the old (and now expelled) student council secretary, adding to my sway and responsibilty, if only for one semester.
In other news, I now have a *very* active myspace account (add me!) and am also going out for the title of Miss Hollywood 2005, which is a preliminary to the Miss L.A. County pageant, which is a qualifying round for the Miss California pageant, which as we all know, is what you have to win in order to participate in the world famous Miss America Competition. For the talent portion of the show, I plan on performing a short hula hoop routine while reciting in chronological order the major battles of the civil war, complete with details about location, outcome, and casualties. I also put in an application to audition for college Jeopardy, but that was like a month ago and they never got back to me, so I'll have to try again next year if I decide thats really important to me.
I hope all of you out there in livejournal land had a truly awesome anti-X-mas and are all feeling good and working hard on your new years resolutions...Happy Holidays and love to you all!

current mood: good

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004
7:06 pm - Homo Erectus
So I had my first-half-of-summer-school finals today. Physical Anthropolgy and Physics. I was pretty bummed about the anthropology test. Its not that I think I totally flunked or anything, I'm sure I did OK, but I doubt I got very much higher than a B- and thats if all my "semi-educated guesses" were right. I guess I just am not destined to be enraptured by the ancient skeletal remains of such plio-pleistecene hominids as Australopithecus Afarensis (whom you probably know as Lucy, a nearly complete skeleton discovered in the East Afican rift valley in 1974, and estimated to be over 3.5 million years old) and Sinanthropus Africanus (later determined to more conclsively related to other contemporaneous Australopithecenes), let alone the achuelian and mousterian cultural tool-making industries of the crafty Homo Habilis and the suprisingly big-brained Western European Neadertals (average cranial capacity 1100 cubic centimeters, comparable to modern humans!). I guess some things just weren't meant to be. *sigh*
When you take a test at this college, they make you buy these little sheets of paper called the "Scantron 8000" that cost a quarter and look suspiciously like the infamous SAT, just rows and columns of little boxes labeled with the first five letters of the alphabet with T's next to the A's and F's next to the B's just in case the instructor goes a little crazy and gets creative enough with the test format to actually include a True/False section. Its all very hauntingly anonymous and cruelly convenient, allowing almost anyone's brain contents (or at least their pencil marks) to be fed into a little machine, mechanically evaluted, and appropriately graded in just seconds and at no additional cost to the schools already massively unbalanced budget! (YAY ARNOLD!)
WOW! You too could take advantage of this amazing state-run educational system for just dollars a day!
Happily, the physics test went very smoothly and I predict with confidence a nice solid A in that class, although I wasn't positive whether the internal energy of raw eggs increases or decreases when they are beaten mercilessly by several Los Angeles City College football players in the locker room late at night when no one is around to witness it except maybe the janitor, but I guessed that it increases. WAIT A SECOND, L.A.C.C. doesn't HAVE a football team, what's going on here!!? Where's my waitress!!?

current mood: even less republican

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
9:14 pm - "So, the rainbow is in the light?", "The rainbow IS the light" -physics student and teacher, 7/6/04
Well, I went to the rainbow gathering again. It was so nice and refreshing and really provided me with a seriously healthy dose of peace and love and not-los-angeles. I feel like I could have stayed there for another month and still not have been sick of it. I wish I had at least gotten to stay for a solid week though instead of rushing in and out with the long weekend traffic. Devin also really liked it. He fit right in and it was a really beautiful experience to be there with him and introduce him to this important phenomenon in my life and have it turn out so positively. It felt very sweet to finally feel like I was comfortable enough with that environment to be centered and calm and focused, instead of overwhelmed and stressed. Other than a mild migraine that layed into me while we were setting up camp, I was in totally blissful spirits for the whole time, and the fresh air, sunshine, good food and exercise did me more good than I even care to admit (ah, the trials of life in the big, smoggy city.) I swear, if I lived like a rainbow year round, I would have the hottest bod ever!
This is the third time I've gone and the first time I didn't run into Tam. To be honest, I felt pretty sad about that, especially since he recently re-emerged into my peripheral scene on livejournal, and we seemed to be on the best terms we've been on since I was like 15 years old or something. I dropped by the kitchen he is associated with everyday, but some of those old rainbows are so gruff and unapproachable, I just couldn't muster the gumption to ask around about him. I guess I just got shy, but now that I'm back in L.A. and am facing the fact that I probably won't see him again until next year, I really regret being so mild mannered.
On the flip side of the missed connection disappointment, however, was the truly wonderful and amazing fact that I managed to trade (a bracelet!) for a really big hula hoop and I can already do some basic tricks with it. It is so much FUN!!
I have an anthropology test AND a physics test tomorrow, soo I should seriously study!

current mood: happy

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
12:21 am - today was just one of those shitty ass days.
This morning, instead of heading off to my quaintly remedial community college classes, I (after many tears and much nail biting) was convinced to attend the BIRTH of the person now known as Theo George Heron (7 pounds 2 ounces), the admittedly kind of blotchy baby boy of two of my now less-distant acquaintances, Daphna (41 years old) and Julian (23 years old), who are a French couple who moved to L.A. less than two months ago and now have a baby but their gas, phone, and utilities aren't even hooked up yet. Let me just say, the experience was gross, draining, depressing, pathetic, but actually sort of touching in that OH-my-god-this-is-a-little-too-much-like-real-reality way. I didn't expect to discover such a deep aversion and disgust for the zenith of the feminine reproductive cycle today, but I did ANYWAY! I didn't even really see the graphic part of it (because, after several hours of pushing, a C-section was performed to which the natural birth love-in was not invited, and we all had to take our notepads and camera equipment and go wander around the beverly center designer shopping mall for two hours while they, like, cut open this womans stomach and removed a little living organism from it, sort of like in "Alien"). Anyways, now my boyfriend is mad at me and I am mad at him TOO! Great. peaches. now I am going to sleep. angry.
sorry folks, hope all is well out in livejournal land. good night

current mood: grossed out and pissed on

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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
5:16 pm - I wish I was not a fish WOW IT WORKED!
So here I am at my silly little office that is now perfectly organized thanks to the numerous cleaning products that are stored in the closet and the dedication from desperate employees like me. I am wearing a white cotton zip up shirt, a black and white polka dotted skirt, and excessively sensible black shoes. The shirt has a very small burn mark on it from when I visited Hampshire college on spring break, which I decided to use white out on. It WORKED! but its kinda chunky though.
The other night I went to this high falutian family get together in the Hollywood Hills just west of Belair where everyone was either German or snobby. This house was custom designed by the fashionista mom of max (friend from school who invited me) and looked very nordic and contemporary and expensive. From the balcony, You could see all the way to longbeach, for crying out loud. We all watched this award winning short film (aka DVD) that was filmed inside the house last year by an up and coming artist named Cecilia Schnit(or whatever), and I was thoroughly uplifted by the artiness of it and proceeded to get pretty drunk on the fancy imported wine and awkward culturally based conversations with people named things like Undina and Svenmar, all while wearing these very same sensible black shoes! CAN YOU BELIEVE THE DRAMA!
I think I am really going to try to grow my hair out again, but right now its at a horribly annoying and unflattering length where all I want to do is chop it off. The trials of woman hood abound...seriously, man.
WOOHOO! no work tomorrow...oh wait FUCK no pay for tomorrow. OH HOURLY WAGE, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME? (thats right, Jesus speaks through me because I am a good Lutheran and thats why my boss will not be kicked out of her rented office space because she doesn't know ANYTHING about Lutheranism if you can imagine THAT!)
Ok, I am putting an end to the randomness once and for all.

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
5:09 am - 4 down, 3 to go
I just wrote 9 pages, finishing off final #4 with an eleven page total pper. It s 5 o'clock in the morning and I just realized that this is the very first time I have stayed up all night in my new place in L.A. This is the first all-nighter I have pulled since some around this time last year, and let me tell you, if feels great! AND I finished my paper! I'm going to bed so I can at least get some rest before I have wake up tomorrow and not go to sleep until I have a final project for Thursday morning's class, but I will be able to make that fun if I want it to be. I'll probaby make some shitty video, but who cares, man. That stupid teacher only came to class like three times the whole semester, and I think she'll be hard pressed to fail anyone who turns in anything at all, even if it blows (although, hopefully I can prevent mine from blowing too bad).
I spent all Sunday putting the finishing touches on my show and setting it all up in the gallery. It ws frustrating work and I wa really bossy all day, but the gallery ended up looking really good and the piece (which is a giant mousetrap baited with a silver tray of wine and cheese) looks really slick and realistic. I'll post pictures here when I get a chance (note to self: take slide film of art show, you dumbass).
Now I am gonna trot off to bed.

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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
9:11 pm - 2 down 5 to go; The next three weeks in brief
So, I just polished off my second final paper, and thankfully, it wasn't really a big deal. It was four days late though, and I have two more both due on Tuesday which are probably going to end up being significantly more difficult than this one, I fear. This wouldn't be such a big problem except that I have to spend all tomorrow installing my first art show. Then I have to make a video (as in come up with idea, plan, shoot, edit, and transfer to DVD) by Thursday morning at like 6:00 am or some shit, so provided I finish the two finals on time, I pretty much have to spend all Wednesday working on that. Then Thursday night is the art opening party- big end of year first-year show. Its sort of like a coming out party for the Jr. Art debutantes or something. I have to go pick up the kegs and I'm on the cleanup crew so Thursday will be a long ass day. If all goes as planned, I will have only one paper to write all next weekend (I'm actually looking forward to that paper, but it has the latest deadline so I really have to work on more pressing matters first), which I will turn in on Wednesday the 12th, then school will really be over next Friday and I can force my boss to crawl back to me even though I called in sick for three weeks. That is what is great about temp work!
After a few weeks I'll have some moola and then maybe I'll live frugally for a few weeks and see if I can figure out a less than totally counterproductive way to spend the summer. I'll probably fly to the east coast for the last two weeks of June, maybe hit NYC for a couple days (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), and go with Devin to his friends wedding in Maine and spend some QT with the fam and what not. Then I'll probably go to the rainbow gathering for the first half of July if I can manage to shimmy out of my size 4 charcoal pinstriped Calvin Klein dress slacks by then, which is by no means guaranteed seeing as my skin seems to have grown together with them, barring any possibilty of non surgical removal.
This plan, unfortunately fails to account for nearly all of July and August, which is problematic because I don't own a functioning air conditioner, and my house will be pretty intolerable come the dog days. Also, theres the whole money issue. I'll probably end up with some job somewhere (hopefully baristas or something will be high demand by then) working three days a week and living off $100 a week until school (and allowance) resume in early September. Worst case scenario, I could always try to get hired at the wedding planner full time, but that would suck and blow if you can figure that out.
Maybe I'll get on top of the summer school research/application/registration thing. I should. It would actually be worth my time to earn some credits this summer to stamp out some of my critical studies credits and it would give me something to focus on in the heat. The problem is I have to do it now, when I have tons of other work to do instead, which is inconvenient at best, totally overwhelming and unsuccessful at worst.
Or I will very rapidly pick up exotic hoola hoop dancing and become a lucrative street performer on Venice beach. That would be the ideal situation.
ANYWAY, I'm going to get started on final # 3....

current mood: capable

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Monday, April 19th, 2004
5:27 pm - Thanks, Chloe Good way to wittle down an hour at work
ooh i ripped off another survey too!
1 simon and garfunkel
2 liz phair
3 sublime
4 elvis costello
5 sleater kinney
6 belle and sebastian
7 eliott smith
8 janis joplin
9 kylie minogue
10 other really awful music (like all the music on my boyfriends i-pod)

1 school being over!!!!!
2 having a college degree (so my parents can't say shit)
3 italy
4 egypt
5 romania
6 coachella weekend
7 solo art shows at Calarts
8 france
9 all the other countries

1 high heels
2 lipstick
3 two braids
4 hip-huggers that actually fit
5 bikini tops and baggy ripped jeans together
6 T-shirts with provocative images silkscreened onto them
7 miniskirts
8 thigh-high stockings

1 hypocritical teachers
2 homework
3 schedules
4 not getting credit from hampshire college
5 womanizers
6 my insecurities
7 girls who hit on my boyfriend

1 absolutely, right away
2 i hate this fucking school
3 I'm sorry
4 where's my waitress?
5 i love you
6 whaddup

1 wake up
2 shower
3 put it and take out my contacts
4 birth control pill
5 eat

1 louiserebeccasabrinajohanna
2 milton john harling reder III
3 Alice and Catie (sisters)
4 OLD CSW FRIENDS...they don't exist in L.A.

1 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
2 Debbie Does Dallas
3 The Man Who Wasn't There

1 Watching the Detectives
2 The Ride of the Valkyrie

1 Devin Asch

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